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There’s a clear movement towards 70s styles including the popular ​shag’ cut. This classic 70’s look has made a return and is especially popular with women who have medium-to-long hair.

We love that this vintage hairstyle is back and with the right stylist you can achieve something cool with a contemporary spin. As with any new hairstyle, there are some things you should consider before throwing it back 50 years – it’s a dangerous game.

1. The Length

The shag has so many layers and requires a lot of weight to be taken out of the hair. This can catch clients off guard who are used to having one length because it’s going to look very different. It’s always recommended to have a consultation before making a big change so you know what to expect and can confidently strut out the salon feeling like Jane Fonda.

2. Hair Density

This chic look will work on all density levels – but not necessarily thickness. Thin hair may not suit a shag as much as thicker hair, because the cut is so layered that it can sometimes end more like a mullet – which as we know is also having a comeback but it’s not necessarily for everyone!

3. Hair Texture

Hairstyles can look very different on people for lots of reasons, one being their hair texture. If you have naturally straight hair, your stylist may prefer to cut wet and detail when dry, whereas if you have more curly or wavy hair it may be better that your stylist cuts it dry so it is in its natural state and you customise the look to your specific hair texture to ensure it is easier to maintain and style.

4. Maintenance

Luckily for those with little time or patience for their hair, the shag is a relatively low-maintenance hairstyle. It’s more of a natural ‘I woke up like this’ look that needs minimal styling to look good. However if messier, more relaxed hair is not your thing, you may find it harder to style in a way that works for you.

6. Changing Trends

Don’t forget, trends come and go. If you’re a bit of a trend-chaser and like to change your style often, then a big change in length and layers may be tricky to go back on. Don’t get me wrong, life is too short to have only one hairstyle! But if you like to be able to change your style regularly, make sure you tell your stylist this so that they can be sure to curate a look that can be flexible enough for you.

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