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Adam has always been a bit of a magpie. Having spent years collecting inspiration as well as taking notes on what not to do, this was his opportunity to do things differently.

Ultimately, I want to create hair that makes people stop for a second to look closer.

Adam reed

I simply love hair. The rawness, texture, colour and feel. I’ve always tried to avoid being pigeon-holed. I’m not just about cutting or colour or session or salon work. I’m greedy. I want to do it all.

I get inspiration from everywhere. Shoes. Perfumes. Books. Cities. Tattoos. Fashion. Stories. Even Dogs. I bring them all into my work. I don’t believe hair is created in a vacuum. Good hair needs oxygen to breathe and that comes from throwing everything open and letting in as much light as possible.

As hairdressers we can get too caught up in the industry and forget to look beyond. But the best hair is usually born out of external influences outside of fashion and beauty. I like to think about how people feel, what motivates them and drives their emotions. Anyone can cite a reference for a look, but what interests me is the feeling you get from that reference. That’s when you get to the good stuff.

If I had to describe my aesthetic, I’d say my hair has a raw, undone, slightly urban feel. But I also love the simplicity of something achingly perfected, polished and refined.

Ultimately, I want to create hair that makes people stop for a second to look closer. Maybe it’s a weird texture or the shiniest hair they’ve ever seen. It could be astonishingly intricate or a little bit eccentric. Perhaps it’s an arse-kicking technical cut. But irrespective, it held their attention. That’s what great hair should do.