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The movement towards creative, bold colour is growing in popularity. Lead by the likes of Billie Eilish and her lime roots and Bella Hadid’s dipped ends — for these statement-makers, no colour is off-limits.

Dipped Ends

Dipped ends offer a striking look that works particularly well on blunt haircuts. The technique works with both vivid colours (think cherry red, orange and black) as well as more subtle shades. Depending on the colour choice, dipped ends can require less maintenance, as they continue looking bold whilst your hair grows out.

Money-Pieces aka Face-Framing Highlights

We love the drama that money-pieces can create. Ranging from small sections of contrasting locks to chunky, bold pieces, this face-framing technique creates lift, enhances your natural colour and can provide you with a fresh new look with minimal colouring. Don’t feel like you have to stick with natural tones either. This technique works just as well with more vibrant, contrasting colours.


Fiery and flattering, copper hair is currently one of the most sought after shades, and we are obsessed! The colour is versatile and can complement every skin tone. One thing to note is that the vibrancy of copper can fade quickly, so be prepared to keep up colour maintenance at home in between salon appointments. Toning conditioners and colour specialist hair products are great and can help to keep your copper flaming.

Peekaboo Hair Colour/Colour Contrast

Everyone loves a surprise right? By adding bold colour underneath the top layer of hair, the ‘Peekaboo colour’ technique adds a little bit of surprise to your hair. The hidden colour is typically not visible when the hair is down, but add in a bit of movement or styling and you get an exciting pop of colour that can elevate your hair colour.


With its low maintenance upkeep, balayage is easy to wear, looks beautiful on all hair colours and can be as bold or subtle as you like. The freehand colouring technique produces a sun-kissed, multi-tonal finish and can be curated to suit your bespoke cut and colour.

Our colour artists would love to chat about how to achieve your perfect, bespoke look. Our scissors are ready and the kettle is on!

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